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Simply Scarves
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Designing your own Scarf can be a very simple process, involving just a few easy steps: choose your yarn, needle size and a stitch pattern, make a tension swatch, decide how wide you want your scarf to be, determine the correct number of stitches to cast on, and knit it!

Sometimes, though, there can be much more to it: what kind of border, how many stitches are needed in the pattern repeat, how does one center the pattern, etc.

This book contains 13 complete scarf patterns with color pictures of the entire scarf plus closeup details of the stitches and a complete and thorough guide to designing your own patterns.

Simply Scarves Book

Some of the Topics Include:
Yarn and Stitch Characteristics
Pattern Stitch Multiples and Repeats
Set-Up and Ending Rows

There are also 4 charts:
Needle Sizes based on Yarn Weights
Needles Sizes based on Stitch Gauges
Estimated Number of Stitches
Estimated Yardage


The Scarf Patterns included in the book are:

Garter Stitch Scarves in Three Variations
Zanziba and Mohair Scarf
Three Strand Luxury Scarf
Seed Stitch Scarf
Moss Stitch Scarf
Mistake Rib Scarf
Basketweave Scarf
Lace Mesh Scarf
Eyelette Cable Scarf
Falling Leaves Lace Scarf
Feather & Fan Lace Scarf


What you learn from this book can be applied to all your knitting, not just scarves!
Feel confident to use any stitch pattern with any garment pattern.

Book is spiral bound to lay flat, with a heavy duty spine.
35 pages, including 16 (plus the cover) in full color
Soft cover is protected with clear plastic covers.

Book Price - $19.95

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