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Scrunch Stocking
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Christmas Tree Stocking Kit
Fairie Stocking Kit
Icedrops Stocking Kit
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Rocky Tree Stocking Kit
Down the Chimney Stocking Kit
Here I Go! Stocking Kit
Santa's Surprise Stocking Kit
Santanooga Choo Choo Stocking Kit
Rudie Stocking Kit
Moonflakes Stocking Kit
Scrunch Stocking
Happy Holidays, Deer Stocking
Hugs and Kisses Stocking
Santa Stocking
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Angel Stocking
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The Santa Barbara
Knitting Studio
440 Alan Road
Santa Barbara,
California  93109

By Appointment Only

(805) 563-4987

Note: Colors
may not be exact

The Santa Barbara Knitting Studio

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Christmas Stocking Patterns, Kits and Finished Stockings

Miniature Santa Stocking
A Tiny Stocking
to knit as an
ornament or
package decoration
or . . .

Available as
Pattern, Kit or
Finished Stocking

Big Stocking
Another large enough for
a Real Christmas Baby!

Available as
Pattern, Kit or
Finished Stocking

Entrelac Stocking
An Enticingly

Available as
Pattern, Kit or
Finished Stocking

"Fur" Trimmed Stocking
"Fur" Trimmed
Christmas Stocking

Available as
Pattern, Kit or
Finished Stocking

Roses and Diamonds Stocking
Roses and Diamonds
Christmas Stocking

Available as
Finished Stocking

Scrunch Stocking
"Scrunch" Stocking

Available as
Pattern or
Finished Stocking

Whimsical Christmas Stocking Kits from
Elegant Heirlooms & Googleheims

(Available as Kits Only)

SalzburgSanta Stocking Kit
Salzburg Santa
Christmas Tree Stocking Kit
Christmas Tree
Sugar Plum Fairie Stocking
Sugar Plum Fairie
Icedrops Stocking Kit
Rocky Tree Stocking Kit
Rocky Tree
Down the Chimney Stocking Kit
Down the Chimney
Here I Go Stocking Kit
Here I Go
Santas Surprise Stocking Kit
Santa's Surprise
Santanooga Choo Choo Christmas Stocking Kit
Santanooga Choo Choo
Rudie Christmas Stocking Kit
Moonflakes Christmas Stocking Kit

Whimsical Christmas Stocking Patterns from
Michele Wyman's Effectiveness by Design

Scrunch Stocking Pattern
The Scrunch That Stole Christmas

Deer Stocking Pattern
Happy Holidays, Deer

Hugs and Kisses Stocking Pattern
Hugs and Kisses

Christmas Stocking Kits from Yarn Craft Suppliers
(Available as Kits Only)

Santa Christmas Stocking
Santa & Present


Santa's Face Christmas Stocking
Santa's Face

Angel Christmas Stocking
Angel Stocking

Chubby Santa Christmas Stocking
Chubby Santa
Mrs Claus Christmas Stocking
Mrs. Claus
Teddy Bear Christmas Stocking
Teddy Bear

Candy Cane Stocking
Candy Cane

Christmas Tree Stocking
Christmas Tree

Fairisle Stocking


Reindeer Christmas Stocking

Poinsettia Christmas Stocking Kit
Snowman Christmas Stocking Kit

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The Santa Barbara Knitting Studio
440 Alan Road
Santa Barbara, California  93109

By Appointment Only
(805) 563-4987