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The Santa Barbara
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The Santa Barbara Knitting Studio

Petal Scarf

Petal Scarf Mille Colori

The most amazing scarf yet - cast on, work seed stitch, cast off, cast on, more seed stitch, etc, etc. Doesn't look like much until you try it on - then, it's magnificent!

We've knitted them with lots of different yarns, but our three favorites are Lang Yarns Mille Colori (shown at right), Feza Yarns Alp Premier (shown below) and Berroco Yarns Quest (below right). Another idea is to use 3 different yarns, working one row of each - just how to do this is explained in the pattern.

This scarf uses approximately 160 to 210 yards of a worsted weight yarn, although any yarn will work.

Petal Scarf Premier
This model knitted in Feza Yarns Alp Premier, Multiple Fibers and textures
(210 yards, 100 grams) - 1 skein

Another way to wear it!
Petal Scarf Premier

US Size 10 (6mm) to Size 13 (9mm), or whatever size works best with your yarn - gauge doesn't really matter - a tighter knit will have more body and won't stretch as much, a looser knit will be more lacy and stretchy - it doesn't matter!

Petal Scarf Sample

Cascade Yarns Malizia, Berroco Yarns Mosaic FX, Feza Yarns Ephesus

Petal Scarf Mille Colori
This model knitted in Lang Yarns
Mille Colori
, 50% Wool, 50% Acrylic
(101 yards, 50 grams per skein) - 2 skeins

Petal Scarf Quest
This model knitted in Berroco Yarns
, 100% Nylon
(82 yards, 50 grams per skein) - 2 skeins

Petal Scarf Quest


Petal Scarf Sample
These two samples show knitting with three different yarns - one row/one yarn at a time

Above: Berroco Yarns Softy, Crystal Palace Yarns Party, Wendy Yarns Shimmer


Petal Scarf Pattern

SIZE - Approximately 6” x 66”

approximately 200 yards Worsted to Bulky Weight Yarn

US Size 10 (6mm) or whatever size yields the look and feel that you like

GAUGE - Not Important! Start out by casting on either 21 or 25 sts, work the first 2" and see if it measures 6" across. If so, keep going. If not, determine how many stitches will yield 6" and cast on that number, being sure to use an odd number of stitches.

Entire Scarf is knitted in Seed Stitch over an Odd Number of Stitches
(K1, P1) to last stitch, end K1 - Repeat this row throughout, always keeping pattern correct during bind off and cast on.

This scarf can also be knitted all in Garter Stitch (knit every row). It will be a little more dense than the Seed Stitch version.

To cast on after the bind off row, use either a backwards loop cast on, or knit the stitches on.

Knit Cast On
*Insert the right needle between the first  two stitches on the left needle, pull up a loop, leaving the original stitches on the left hand needle, slip this new loop onto the left needle.

Repeat from *, always inserting the right needle between the last two stitches on the left needle.

Backwards loop cast on:
Backwards Loop Cast On

INSTRUCTIONSPetal Scarf Schematic
Cast on 25 sts (or approximately 6" worth of stitches, being sure to have an odd number). Work in pattern for 2”.

*Loosely bind off 12 sts (or 1 stitch less than 1/2 the total number), work to end of row = 13 sts remain (or 1 stitch more than 1/2 the total number).
Work 1 row more, then cast on 12 sts (or the same number you bound off on the previous row = 25 sts (the original number of stitches)

Work 1” more in pattern, or until longer edge measures 3", ending opposite edge from previous Bind off/Cast on, or at longer edge.

Repeat from *, always casting off from opposite edge as
previous Bind Off/Cast On

Finish by working last repeat to 2”, bind off loosely.

Weave in ends. If using Feza Yarns Premier or Dazzle simply let the cut ends hang loosely for a bit of extra texture.

To work with 3 different yarns proceed as follows:
With A, cast on
Leave A hanging at the edge and with B, work 1 row in pattern
Leave B hanging at the edge and with C, work 1 row in pattern

This takes you back to where A is left hanging. Pick up A, leave C hanging at the edge and work 1 row with A. Continue to drop the old yarn and pick up the new yarn every row until the bind off row.

Now, either weave the dropped color over and under every other stitch, or, work the two yarns together as you bind off, then leave the old yarn hanging at that point and finish the row with just the new yarn.

At the end of this row, change to the new yarn and work over to the bound off stitches. Again, either weave the new yarn over and under or work it together with the working yarn as you cast on the new stitches. Then, be sure to work the next row with the correct yarn!

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The Santa Barbara Knitting Studio
440 Alan Road
Santa Barbara, California  93109

By Appointment Only
(805) 563-4987