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Crocheted Cocoon

Double Crochet Cocoon and Lacy Flowers Crocheted Cocoon

Like the knit version of the Cocoon, the Crocheted Cocoon is basically a rectangle with the ends folded up to form sleeves, but it's actually much more than that. Think of it as a shawl that just doesn't ever fall off. And, there are no corners to get in your way. It can be worn as pictured, or tied or pinned in front, or even belted - the possibilites are endless!

The pattern is written with two different stitches - double crochet and a Lacy Flower Stitch. Information is included so that you can choose any stitch and any weight of yarn - thinner yarns will stretch more, making the garment longer and narrower, thicker yarns will hold their shape more, making the garment shorter and fuller around.

Although the pattern is written in one size, adjustments to sleeve and garment length can be made by starting with a shorter or longer chain. Instructions for doing so are included.

Crocheted CocoonsLacy Flowers Crocheted Cocoon

Approximate yardage is 850 to 1,250 yards for a more solid stitch (single or double crochet throughout) or 700 to 1,000 yards for a more open stitch (openwork and lace stitches), with thinner yarns taking more yardage, thicker yarns less.

Gauge is not important - pattern is written according to measurements rather than numbers of stitches!

Hook sizes depend upon yarn and stitches - suggested sizes are given for different weights of yarn.

The pattern includes detailed instructions on finishing your garment, with step-by-step diagrams.

Pattern Price - $5.95

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