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The Santa Barbara Knitting Studio

Drop Stitch Chunky Knitted Scarf
Crocheted Chunky Scarf

The Knit Version - A very easy-to-knit drop stitch combined with a very chunky yarn or 2 or more different yarns built up to a chunky gauge - no limits - make this scarf a super-quick knit that's ever so luxurious!

Yarn Used in Knit Model
1 skein each of 3 different yarns:
a Chenille-type Rayon blend, a Mohair/Wool/Metallic blend and a Rayon/Cotton textured blend

US Size 19 (15mm)
Large crochet hook for fringe

Drop Stitch Chunky Knitted Scarf Closeup

The Crochet Version - A very easy-to-crochet double crochet mesh is worked on a Size Q hook, again using chunky yarns

Crocheted Chunky Scarf

Drop Stitch Chunky Knitted Scarf

Finished Size
Approximately 5” wide by 60” long, plus fringe

GAUGE Not Important!

Crocheted Chunky Scarf Closeup

2 to 5 strands of any yarns of mixed textures - approximately 100 yards each
With thicker yarns use only 1 or 2 strands, thinner yarns use more strands

Yarn Used in Crochet Model
1 skein each of two different yarns:
Nylon Ribbon and 100% Polyester Eyelash yarn

3 different leaflettes available -
knit only and crochet only or both on the same leaflet

Knit Pattern Only - $3.95
Crochet Pattern Only - $3.95 

Pattern with both Knit and Crochet Versions - $5.95

Kits include the Pattern with both knit and crochet instructions and ample yarn to make one Scarf approximately  5" wide by 60" long with fringe

Kits are available in the following combinations
If you don't see what you like, let us know and we'll make one up just for you in your favorite colors and your price range!

Chunky Scarf Colors 1
Olive, Brown & Silver

Rayon & Nylon


Chunky Scarf Colors 10
Blues & Greens

Mohair, Wool, Cotton,
Rayon & Nylon



Chunky Scarf Colors 11
Brown & Beige

Rayon, Nylon
& Metallic


Chunky Scarf Colors 12
Autumn Tones
Mohair & Rayon
Chunky Scarf Colors 2
Green, Pink, Coral
& Yellow
Nylon, Polyester &


Chunky Scarf Colors 3
Natural and Beige
Nylon & Polyester
Chunky Scarf Colors 4
Blues & Purples
Nylon & Polyester
Chunky Scarf Colors 5
Pinks & Lavenders
Mohair, Cotton & Nylon
Chunky Scarf Colors 6
Purple, Magenta & Teal
Cotton, Mohair, Metallic
and Nylon
Slightly Shorter Version - $41.95


Chunky Scarf Colors 7
Black, Silver & White
Wool, Rayon and Nylon
Chunky Scarf Colors 8
Reds, Coral,
Yellow & Purple
Mohair, Wool, Metallic,
Cotton & Rayon


Chunky Scarf Colors 9
Winter Whites
Cotton, Nylon
and Polyester

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