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Feza's "Alp" Scarves & Shawls

Feza’s Alp, Premier and Dazzle, that wonderful yarn which is formed by lengths of many different yarns tied end-to-end in the same sequence throughout, is knitted all in garter stitch into gorgeously striped scarves and shawls.

Five different patterns are included in this leaflette - three scarves and two shawls.

Each project takes anywhere from one to three hanks of Alp. Or, get really creative and make up your own unique blend.

Hanks vary from 3 to 3 ounces
Yardage varies from 125 to 240 yards per hank

Feza's Alp Long-Lines Scarf
Cast on the length of a scarf for the Long-Lines Scarf, shown in the Black/Silver combination

Feza's Alp Chevron Shawl
This picture shows the back of the Chevrons Shawl

Needle Sizes will vary according to the yarn
US Size 9 (5.5mm) to US #17 (12mm)

Feza's Alp Chevron Shawl
Start this Chevron Shawl at the center back neck and make it as long as you wish, shown in the Blue/Turquoise combination

Feza's Alp Diagonal Scarf
Start at one corner and work in diagonal stripes for the Diagonal Scarf, shown in Rusts, Browns and Beige

Feza's Alp Diagonal Points Scarf
Cast on the width for the Diagonal Points Scarf, work diagonally and end up with long points, shown in Brilliant Purples

Use whatever needle size yields the desired look and feel of the knitted piece
These items should be soft and very drapey

Feza's Alp Side-to-Side Shawl
Start the Side-to-Side shawl at one end and work across to the other end,
shown in Glorious Reds

Pattern Price - $7.95

Alp, Premier and Dazzle are three variations of the same yarn:
lengths of many different yarns tied end-to-end in the same sequence throughout.
Premier and Dazzle both contain luxurious wide satiny ribbon yarns, eyelash yarns, textured slubs, metallics, railroad-type ribbons and fluff!
Premier is multi-colored, Dazzle is monochromatic
Alp is the same mix without the wide ribbon yarn, just slightly less luxurious.

Alp, Premier and Dazzle are available in the following colors.
We do our best to keep a good supply, but sometimes we do run out. Also, some of the colors shown below have been discontinued. We still have stock in many of them, but please be aware of this.
We are always happy to special order any of the available colors for you.
The pictures only approximate the colors
Actual yarn colors may vary slightly

All three yarns are put up in 3 ounce (100 gram) hanks of approximately 210 yards
Gauge will vary according to the size needle used,
from 5 sts per inch on US #8 (5mm) to 3 sts per inch on US #13 (9mm)

Price per 100 gram hank:
Alp - $34.95
Premier - $38.95
Dazzle - $36.95

We are happy to wind the hanks into center-pull balls for you.
Just request this with your order.

Alp Colors

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feza03.jpg (6117 bytes)
feza04.jpg (5643 bytes)

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feza15.jpg (8586 bytes)
feza16.jpg (7914 bytes)

feza17.jpg (7959 bytes)


Premier Colors
feza101.jpg (7343 bytes)


feza102.jpg (8609 bytes)
feza103.jpg (8665 bytes)
feza104.jpg (7690 bytes)

feza105.jpg (7759 bytes)


feza106.jpg (8022 bytes)
feza107.jpg (8944 bytes)
feza108.jpg (8670 bytes)

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feza112.jpg (9068 bytes)
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feza116.jpg (7860 bytes)
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feza119.jpg (7773 bytes)
feza120.jpg (6190 bytes)
feza121.jpg (7494 bytes)


feza122.jpg (6560 bytes)
feza123.jpg (8326 bytes)#407 feza124.jpg (8261 bytes)

Dazzle Colors

feza201.jpg (7047 bytes)


feza202.jpg (5542 bytes)
feza203.jpg (6222 bytes)
feza204.jpg (4958 bytes)
feza205.jpg (7975 bytes)


feza206.jpg (8154 bytes)
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feza208.jpg (5948 bytes)
feza209.jpg (5285 bytes)


feza210.jpg (5603 bytes)
feza211.jpg (5516 bytes)
feza212.jpg (5972 bytes)
feza213.jpg (5981 bytes)


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